Hark Orchideen - Safety Cup

Cloning, cultivating and propagating orchids requires skills and experience that often take generations to acquire. We look back on over 100 years of company history and therefore have a profound knowledge in the field of laboratory propagation of orchids and handling of this very demanding culture.

The result are healthy, strong and flawless premium-quality Phalaenopsis meristems!

The basis of our success are many years of experience of our employees as well as the cultivation grounds and propagation methods we have developed ourselves.

As a neutral laboratory, we have been a partner of many cultivators, large young plant companies and orchid nurseries for years.


Thanks to the innovative HARK Safety System, it has been possible for years to make the process of in-vitro propagation of orchids particularly safe and efficient. With our barcode system, we cannot only exclude the danger of confusion, but also give you as our customer a precise insight into the current status of your orchid varieties.

The HARK cup (HARK Safety-Cup), which was developed and manufactured by us, protects the plants from any kind of infection and can therefore be shipped worldwide without any problems.

Mature propagation methods, optimal culture media for the young plants, strict sorting steps, double checking for viruses (Double Check) and our HARK Safety System are all building blocks for our production of excellent Phalaenopsis meristems and seedlings in HARK quality.

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