Hark OIrchideen - Kita am Wasserturm


We are a family business and therefore know very well what challenges can arise when balancing work and family.

Looking after children during working hours is a constant challenge, especially for young families. In order to improve the compatibility of family and career, we built a day care centre for children on our company premises in the Lippstadt industrial estate “Am Wasserturm”, which was opened in August 2013. The operator of the “Kita am Wasserturm” is PariAktiv – a non-profit company for equal social services in the district of Soest. Our employees are given priority in obtaining a place at the day care centre.

Workplace health promotion

Healthy employees are important for every company. Only those who are and remain healthy can actively contribute their work force to a company. One-sided physical strain without appropriate precautions can lead to health impairments. That is why preventive health care for our employees is very important to us. In addition to active breaks, we offer specific fitness programs.

Hark aktiv 

Under the LOGO of “Hark aktiv”, we offer a wide range of sports activities. In cooperation with our partner “REVITALIS GmbH” we develop concepts and offers for our employees to keep them fit. A company-owned gym underlines our commitment to in-house health care. 

It is also possible to use a job-bike sponsored by Hark. This not only supports health, but also the environment!


We are and will remain the market leader in the field of contract propagation. A company is only as good as its employees. To stay at the cutting edge of in vitro propagation of plants and continually producing meristems of the highest quality, we regularly offer advanced training in a wide range of areas.

The range extends from seat fitting courses to standing aid courses, various training courses offered by the Chamber of Industry and Commerce, plant protection training, driver training and driving safety training for our truck drivers.

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