Hark Orchideen – Tour

Curious? We would be pleased to take you on a small virtual “tour”: Which way do the orchid laboratory plants take before they are delivered to our customers? Take a look at the laboratory kitchen, the cup storage, one of our laboratories with the clean benches, the air-conditioned storage and the shipping area.


  • Station 1
    Laboratory Kitchen
    • The basis for our successful orchid propagation are self-developed culture media. The ingredients are sterilized in 9 ultra-modern media processors. The still liquid culture media are filled into gamma sterilised cups under sterile conditions. The filling quantity is controlled by photocells.

      Hark Orchidee - Station 1 - Laborküche

  • Station 2
    Cup storage
    • A nutrient medium supply of about 2 weeks ensures constant production. Storage takes place in controlled climatic conditions.

      Hark Orchidee - Station 2 - Becherlager
  • Station 3
    • In 5 ultra-modern laboratories with a total of 332 clean benches, orchids are produced in 2 layers. Production is monitored via a barcode system. With our HARK Safety System, a mix-up of varieties and cups is thus excluded.

      Hark Orchidee - Station 3 - Labor
  • Station 4
    Air-conditioned storage
    • We currently store our plants in 13 climatic warehouses. Controlled conditions thus ensure successful growth. All shelves are equipped with barcode labels to ensure that no cups can get lost.

      Hark Orchidee - Station 5 - Klimalager
  • Station 5
    • The goods ready for delivery with the young plants are safely packed in transport boxes and then delivered directly to the customer by one of our air-conditioned trucks. Our fleet includes several vehicles, which are optimally equipped for the transport of orchids.

      Hark Orchidee - Versand
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