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The best innovations, technical solutions and systems alone are of little use. What you really need in a successful company is a competent and committed team.

We can proudly say that we are such a team!

Whether management, department and team management in the laboratory, sales, administration or shipping – all areas work hand in hand. This is how our company, which has more than 500 employees here in Lippstadt, can continue to operate so successfully worldwide as a contract propagator of orchids.

Hark Orchideen - Anja Hark-Bormann


Corporate management

Anja Hark-Borrmann has been associated with our company from the day she was born. She grew up in her parents’ business and became enthusiastic about  horticulture at an early age. After graduating from high school, Ms. Hark-Borrmann completed an apprenticeship as an agricultural-technical assistant and then successfully studied horticulture (academic degree: Dipl.-Ingenieurin [graduated engineer]). Subsequently, Ms. Hark-Borrmann took over leading positions at horticultural companies in the United States and at a research institute in Central Germany. After her “apprenticeship and traveling years” she joined the management of our company in 2008. During this time, Fritz Hark Orchideen GmbH & Co KG, among others, grew to over 800 employees, further expanded the research and development department and professionalised the laboratory kitchen and highly complex production planning. In 2020, their responsibility grew with the acquisition of a stake in one of the world’s largest young plant companies based in the Netherlands and Brazil.

Hark Orchideen - Oliver Borrmann


Corporate management

Oliver Borrmann grew up in a horticultural business with more than 40,000 square meters and thus his future career was virtually predestined. After his high school diploma and civil service, he studied horticulture in Osnabrück and graduated as an engineer. He then worked in management positions in international horticultural companies in Germany and abroad. In 2008, Mr. Borrmann continued his career as a manager in our company. He implemented innovative process and management systems and established further companies in the United States and the Netherlands. Since the beginning of 2020, Mr. Borrmann has been a partner and is jointly responsible for one of the world’s largest young plant nurseries.


As a modern family business, it is very important to us that our employees feel comfortable with us. Long-standing, experienced employees are an important basis for our success in the international market. In our “Career” section you can see what we offer as an employer, what we attach particular importance to and which job advertisements are currently available!

Hark Orchideen

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