HARK Orchideen - Safety System

The HARK Safety-System –
Production safety at the highest level

Mixing-up clones during production is a significant risk for any laboratory. As early as in 1999, we started to develop laboratory software based on a barcode system. Barcode labels on all production vessels and storage locations ensure that production is not mixed up. With scanners in the laboratories and air-conditioned chambers, all data can be recorded efficiently and without errors and production processes can be traced without interruption. This made us one of the first in-vitro laboratories in the world with such a system. For more than 18 years, our in-house IT department – with its own programmers – has successfully worked on constant optimisation of our software.

Our solution for increased planning requirements

With the introduction of an ERP solution tailored to our needs, we are meeting increased planning requirements of our customers. Processing of the clones on an exact weekly scale enables us to produce e.g. also seasonally related.

The constantly increasing number of clones and production quantities can be safely managed today thanks to our versatile controlling systems. The safety of your clones is always our top priority.

Hark Orchideen - Hark Safety Cup


In order to guarantee the best quality, planning and production safety to our customers, we have developed our HARK Safety System. Our production vessels and storage locations are all provided with a barcode and connected to the corresponding software. Thus, production without any mix-ups is guaranteed and every production step becomes transparent.

We also have our HARK Safety Cup cup. This offers perfect growing conditions for the plants and protects them against infections.
We have developed a patented and safe cup system which we manufacture ourselves with our own injection moulding machines.


After production in the laboratory, the lid is welded to the lower part to prevent infection. A membrane in the lid ensures safe gas exchange and enables uniform growth for a high-quality in vitro plant. With the HARK Safety Cup System, infection risks during storage and transport are a thing of the past.

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